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Not everybody knows all the things they can do on the Forum and what all the settings and stuff mean so I thought i would start a Thread and add bits as i come across them :)

To start with, the new "Mention" feature recently Added.

This is like the Facebook Tag function, you type the character @ in a post and then type at least the first two letters of another username directly after it.

From this a popup list of usernames that start with that letter appears and you can click the one you want or keep typing to narrow the list.

Ok, so what does it do?

Well it will appear on the tagged persons Profile menu at the top of the forum as a "mention" , if they go to the Proflie mention and select Mentions they can then click on the message they were mentioned/tagged in to read it.

They will know if they have a mention as there will be a (1) next to their profile menu or a (2) if they have two mentions etc..

You can also in the Mention menu tick a box that will cause the forum to email you the mention when you receive one, so you will know to visit the forum to find out why your name has been brought up :)

Message order change

Amongst some of quirks of the forum as it is, one is the order in which Posts appear in a thread.  The default is to have the newest one at the end and oldest one first.

So if you have 3 pages of thread, page 1 will have the first posts, page 3 the last..

A lot of people, including me, prefer to have the newest post at the top on page 1 , seems far more intuitive.  The default is great for a Book, but not so great for a forum.

To change this setting, go to your "Profile" via the menu up top.  go down the menu list on the left to the "Modify Profile" and then click on "look and layout".

go down the list that appears util you find a tick box next to "Show most recent posts at the top." , tick this box.

scroll down and click the "Change profile button"

Now all posts will appear with the newest first in threads. :)

Image uploading

There are two ways to upload images into a post , the direct method for uploading from your computer/device is to click on "Attachments and other options" which is just below the main box when you create a new post.

Scroll down after clicking on that and you will see "Attach:"  and a button to "Choose file" , click on this and browse to a single picture and select it. the filename will appear in the white box.

If you want to add more pictures then click the "(more attachments)" link underneath to produce another Choose file box.  do the same as above for the second picture etc.. Repeat until you have all the pictures and text ready, then click "Save" bottom right to post the message.

NOTE: the forum software does not like lots of large pictures via the above method , ideally upload shrunk versions , typically 800 x 600 max resolution.

The images will appear at the end of your post.

The other method and usually somewhat less clunky is to use is to host your pictures on photobox, google photos or other online photo sites. then all you need to to copy the link to the picture (with Ctrl - C or whatever the copy to clipboard function is on your device).

Now click the "Insert image" button above the post , it is a light brown button below the I Button.  then without moving the cursor paste the link to your image, it should automatically appear with the tags the button provides.

repeat this for each image you want to put inline with your post.  The image will appear where you put it.


Shoutbox / chat has a whisper function.

if you click on the small blue icon to the left of somebodies name on the chat this creates  something like @name:  , this allows you to send a chat message to them without it going public on the shoutbox.  Useful for off topic comment or prods that would look messy or out of place in the main discussion.

you can also manually type @name:  where the name is the username before your text to do the same.



For some time now the Member map has stopped working..

After much code reading and tweaking the issue has been resolved hopefully.

for the technical , this had to be added to one of the files > header('Content-Type: application/javascript');  else your browser would not accept what followed was Java script.

this appears to have been a broken by a google map system update and as this plug in stopped being developed 3 years ago, it needed to be resolved the hard way.


hi all,

A slight tweak to the forum, when posting an attachment and it was a portrait format picture then the forum limited the height , resizing the image excessively small as a result. you had to click on it to see it full size.

I have increased the vertical height limit to improve this.


hi all,

A new plug in to handle video files has been added. this should allow you to paste links to video files as well as successfully upload some previously non working types.

youtube , just pasted , no buttons or bbcode



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