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Just wondering whats the difference in water pumps? Spedy spares list 2 :

QCP2188 Water Pump Chevette 1.3 Water/p eng 2039286- 80-84 24.00

QCP954 Water Pump Chevette Water/p 1.3 to eng 2039286 75-79 19.00

Given as my car is an 84 im assuming i need the one at 24, but just wonderred what the difference is as im going to try and get one at the NEC next week and dont want to get the wrong one  :juggle:

MDA Lamb:
I stand to be corrected but I think from memory it's the fan fixing....   :-\

retro body kits:
the difference is the late one 80- 84 has a stub on it for the top heater hose.
 the early one 75-79 has no stub but instead has a tee piece built into the bottom hose,

there are two different bottom hoses depending on whether the car is early or late and type of pump fitted.
your car being 84 should have a plain bottom hose with no tee piece

Jeff J:
For the benefit of anyone else researching this, my 1981 hatchback has the type with the teed hose so therefore the 1979 type. I know it has never been replaced as the vehicle has been in the family from new. So I suspect that at installation they just installed whatever they had at hand. Buying parts recently has brought me to the conclusion that only physical comparison can be relied on not year of manufacture nor engine numbers. Hope this helps someone else who has been as confused as I have been recently.

1970's manufacturing was not the computer driven robot assembly and just in time parts supply that is the norm today. It was more like - we are doing some cars today - what is in the parts bin? Short of pumps - we have got some old ones somewhere use those.  The other factor to consider is build date as opposed to date of registration. Some cars  waited more than a year from build to registration.  Look at the date stamps on various panels to get some idea of your build date. - Scotty


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