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Head gaskets & K seal


Jeff J:
As mentioned in my post about brakes, I was struggling to get a new head gasket & my local motor factors told me about a product called K-seal, which I had never heard of. A bit pricey, but I thought it would be a lot easier than taking the head off again. I tried it & it did exactly what it said on the tin. Unfortunately I have read conflicting reports on the web about the use of this product & despite the motor factor saying that they sold lots of it & had never had any complaints, I can't help wondering if I have done the right thing. Has anyone used this product on a 1256cc Chevette engine & had ill effects from it, or used it successfully?
Then of course, as sods law says, I managed to get a head gasket at a car boot sale of all places.

I have used Kseal on 1256 engines in the past. It seals water leaks well and will continue to protect for a considerable time. What it won't do is seal any leaks between the cylinders - this is often a problem given the narrow width of the gasket in those areas. Kseal is about the best of the chemical seal products available retail - It was developed especially for the Kover K series engine which was notorious for water leaks due to its wet liner and though bolt design .

Jeff J:
Thanks Scotty I can relax now that I have had a specific confirmation of it's efficacy. I followed the instructions to the letter & after it had cooled down I checked the water in the radiator which does appear to be sludgy or discoloured so that was also reassuring.

k seal works great there is also a product called super steel which does the same job your engine will be fine


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