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Hi! I am Deb and new to the group, I live in Essex I have just bought a 1983 4 door saloon (yay). I had a 1977 Chevette as my first car nearly 20 years ago, so thought it was time i had another, having regretted selling my first one all those years ago. I really want to put seats in with headrests. Any ideas where I could get any that would fit? I want to keep it as classic as possible, but for me it's a safety issue.

Hi - Welcome aboard.  Some Chevettes were fitted with headrests and as far as I know all the front seats had mounting tubes for a headrest in  the seat backs. You probably just need to get headrests and make a couple of holes at the top of the seat back to fit them.  - Scotty

Hi Scotty, thanks for that. There are holes that I can feel beneath the vinyl, but the whole seat just feels  'rickety' The seats you get for the HS look sturdy and have headrest, just want to feel safe as we had someone drive into the back of us last week (in our other car) and I have whiplash. Scary to think what my injuries would have been had I been in the Chevette!
I'll perhaps speak to an upholsterer/restoration specialist to get some more pointers.
Thanks again

Rich Britton:

   :Welcome: Hello there! I've got headrests in my car (What with it being a GL saloon 8) We get extra chrome a black panel between the rear lights and a Phillips radio!!!) so maybe its worth looking on ebay for some or from a breakers. Failing that there are loads of after market seats that have been fitted.

    Very sorry about your prang can't of been nice.


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