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Twenty years and counting...


Hi there, thought I would make myself known.
Gently easing myself into action to recommision a chevette I have had parked up in a garage for 20 plus years.  A much younger me unsuccessfully replaced a seized engine in 1997. Unfortunately the car wouldn't start and I thought the best thing to do was leave it alone and have a think about where I had gone wrong.  Twenty years later I finished thinking and realised I'd wired the starter incorrectly.  Success, it finally starts! Anyway, I've transported the car to where I now live and need to crack on recommisioning it, neither of us are getting any younger.

Any suggestions for cleaning out the petrol tank gratefully received. The car's running extremely well from a makeshift fruit juice bottle fuel tank, it would obviously be nice (and safer)to be able to use the actual fuel tank!  I'm presuming the old fuel has solidified.  I've flushed with new fuel but still can't get it to draw from the tank.


Probably best to take the tank out and then flush the crap out with paraffin or some other solvent as without doing so you wont get it all.  Once out you can inspect it by removing the level sender but you will probably need a new gasket to put the sender back.  - Scotty

Hi I do have a spare tank in my garage that I know it clean I am based in Luton Bedfordshire

Good luck on getting it in the road


Thanks for the offer of the tank, I think I've managed to sort this one. I've used a heavy duty degreaser to remove all the old petrol out of the tank and flushed it numerous times with water. Found the fuel outlet was also blocked at the fuel end, solved with a sturdy bit of wire!

The tank's currently drying off in the greenhouse, the inside looks pretty good now!


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