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1984 ex police chevette


Hi,Firstly as were new to the group,May i introduce myself.My name is Kevin,I am from Bristol,UK.Along with my brother in law Neil,We set out to find as good a classic shell of a car as we could, to build a track/drift car.All of our car knowledge comes from Vauxhall vehicles especially the V6 variety.In searching we stumbled across a 1984 Vauxhall Chevette 1.3L.Within seconds We bought it through Face book, Completely blind as to its condition or anything.The following day we sent a recovery truck all the way down to Plymouth to collect it.The car arived to us Wednesday this week,in not bad condition at all,Obviously minus an engine.Apon arrival we discovered the car actually was an Ex police service vehicle.So instead of phoneing around roll cage metal suppliers We actually decided firstly to ring the club chairman of this group,Mick.Firstly to mearly ask about the type of car in general but secondly if We would be making a mistake by hacking into it,Thirdly if he knew of any surviving police chevettes around we could see if we decided to restore this car.Mick advised we ring the emergency vehicle museum to see if we could find out anything about this car.We called them right away and were told we would need to find out roughly where the car was in service to get any details, And also thatt they didnt know of any police chevettes either and would be interested in it if it were restored.As you can imagine our first intentions drastically changed.Through hours of research we found out, the car was first in service for the West Yorkshire Police department and that it had never even taken its first mot.As we all know the police never have an mot whilst they own the cars.then when sold on to the general public after it served it purpose it will then be motd every year and have some mot history however ours does not.This lead us to believe it was only ever a police vehicle.We then obtained the log book to see it was correct and only ever owned buy West Yorkshire police.At some point in its life it has had some larger engine fitted as there is a section of the cross member removed,It looks neatly done not like a cowboy job.Were now thinking given the history we already know of this vehicle being an ex service vehicle thats never been in public use it may be best that this vehicle is restored instead of our original intentions of it.Unfortunately We ourselves are not in the position to carry out this restoration and are now thinking that it would be best offer it to anybody that would like such a restoration and to be able to put some history to the vehicle.As enthusiast as ourselves we feel it would be such a shame to loose a great bit of british history.Any help in piecing togeather any history,pictures or even if anybody ever recognised the car.

1984 Ex police car
Vauxhall Chevette 1.3L
Reg A883 KWT
We have Attatched Alll pictures Exactly as We recieved this car,Previously dry stored in a barn.
Any information would be greatly appreciated,Please contact us.

Hi- Welcome aboard!  Sadly I fear there will be little interest in the provenance of the car. It is what it is - just a shell requiring everything  including a new cross member. The existing looks dangerous to me and will likely fail any MOT.

Full restoration is likely to be prohibitively expensive unless someone in the motor trade with free access to full workshop and paint facilities takes it on.  The resultant car is likely to only worth a few thousand as there isn't the demand out there to support the sort of prices escorts etc achieve.  A difficult decision for you - Cheers - Scotty

Many thanks for your reply,i feared this would be the case,only the inner car lover said,best to check first.we are more than happy to go ahead with our first intentions of building a drift car,we are already researching the best options for this.,just seems such a sad case that being a police only vehicle and possibly the only one around,that we are going to chop most of the original shell away..


Question is , was it police or ambulance ?  The shell looks pretty solid in its scabbyness.

here are the only two public service versions i know of. They have used some in films/TV that were newer cars with older registrations too.


Rich Britton:
 :coolphotos: :cog:  Welcome!

   Would be nice to restore it as a police car but what can you do!!


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