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Greetings from sweden

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Hello! My name is Victor, and i am from sweden.

I currently do not own a Chevette, but i am thinking of buying one. Im a bit worried that i wont fit in it properly and thats why im here to ask for advice.

Im 5ft 1 tall, can i sit kind of comfortably in a hatchback chevette? Im going to use it for commuting to work, 25 miles a day. So no long journeys.

I do own a 1960 Vauxhall Cresta and it would be quite fun to own another vauxy, and i do like the little chevettes :)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Victor

You will be fine in a Chevette - There is plenty of forward seat adjustment . The only people who may have problems are those with very long legs! - Scotty

 :Welcome: :)

I agree, i am 5ft 11 and need the seat fully back as i have long legs so 5ft 1 will be well within the adjustment range for the seat.


Tank you for the answers, guess im buying a chevette  O0

I seem to have converted my lenght in the wrong way, i am 195cm, so 5 ft 17 ish. Could it still work?  :o


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