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2.0 manta engine and 5 speed gearbox


Found one on eBay. Item no 273059440798 anyone know if it fits the chevette? What mods are required?
Thanks Dave

Have a look at Opel Kadette C on internet. You have to search Opel Kadette 2.0. and you should get some decent pictures of them with this set up.

There are a lot of bits missing on that item. Its also a bit of a heavy weight set up which may require spring  and brake changes too. It will require tunnel mods  unless your car is an automatic.  I would go for a bit more modern engine were it me doing it preferably a fuel injected one. Mx5s are good. or use a modern VX engine with a type9 box.  - Scotty

Thanks for the advice. If I were to go the mx5 route, which gearbox would I use and would the axle/ diff need changing?

Thanks Dave


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