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Happy new year gang. Hope everyone is doing well.

I am actually thinking of putting my Chevette up for sale and was wondering what sort of money I could realistically get for it. I know what it owes me and I would want that back if I could. Ill try and add a photo when I find one but might need some help as Im useless with all this internet lark.

The car is a 1982 in Black with an Orange velour interior and has covered 49k. Im the third owner and the previous keeper had it from '88 till 2015 when I bought it. Mot has ran out but I would put it in for another before the sale. Its had many new parts fitted. Ill try and compile a list.

All the best people.


Valuation of Chevettes is difficult. If you have a unmodified museum quality one I would expect about £6k. Most people don't have that sadly.  At the other end of the spectrum is the barn find unrestored ones which will be in the hundreds.  The area in between, where most of us are, is very subjective It all depends if you have a car that somebody or even better two people want.  Test the market by putting the car on Ebay with a sensible reserve you would be happy to accept and see what happens or not. That will tell you where you should be value wise if it doesn't sell.  Good photos and honest description is the thing.  - good luck Scotty

Wasn’t Black with an Orange velour interior one of the ‘special models’. Black pearl springs to mind??

By Special, just basically Vauxhall trying to come up with a way to shift cars. Doesn’t add anything in terms of value, just rarity.  Rarity doesn’t always mean something is valuable!

be great to have some pictures.

when you go to post, go to "Attachments and other options below" and click on it

then either drop the pictures on one by one to the grey box or click on the +add attachment button to select them


silouette, strobe stripes down the sides? :cog:


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