Author Topic: Chevette 4link setup and rx8 box  (Read 73 times)

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Chevette 4link setup and rx8 box
« on: Dec 27, 2017, 23:28:46 »
Hi. I'm thinking about putting a 4HA rear axel on my chevette. What would be better 4 link or watts linkage.
Iv seen some 4link kits on ebay might give a go.any links or info fitting them.

Allso been looking in to rx8 gearbox. Any mods needed to fit the chevette tunnel.?

Thank you.  :)

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Re: Chevette 4link setup and rx8 box
« Reply #1 on: Today at 11:13:14 »
The rx8 box fits easily in the tunnel. Its longer than the OE box, so if you use the standard tunnel hole, the engine would be an inch or two further forward. If you are happy to chop and weld then the mounts and hole can be where you want them.

The mount needs a bit of careful fabrication as its a bit of an awkward shape. I have a 5 speed if you want any pics or measurements.

What engine is it going behind?

A watts linkage is slightly harder to engineer with the extra chassis mount (and more expensive with all the joints) but will keep the axle central regardless. Panhard rod fitting is straightforward and perfectly ok for road or rally use.

Its a heavy axle though - about 80kg without brakes or brackets compared to less than 60 of the Manta A with t/tube.

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