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How can I tell if my Chevette is negatively earthed?


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Howd'y comrades,

How do I find out if my Chevette is negatively earthed?  Is their a test or obvious indicator about how it is earthed?  Really not an auto-electrics specialist...

It is negative earth - The battery negative terminal is connected to the body of the car.  There haven't been positive earth cars made since 1960s as far as I know.

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Thanks for replying.  I was able to move forward with a repair thanks to this.  After you replied, I found the information in my Haynes.  Still, thanks.

yep negative earth .  There is some mileage in getting a thick (25-35 mm sq) cable with a battery terminal one end and a 8mm lug on the other and fitting this for the negative terminal.

this runs from battery negative down to one of the engine bolts, i tend to use one of the gearbox bell housing bolts as it then means the cable runs down nicely and out of the way.

This improves cranking a lot and also stops the accelerated rot from passing high currents through the bodywork.



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