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Chevette master cylinder relocation


Steve E:
Apologies if this has already been covered but I'm pulling what hair I have left out. I've fitted a 45 weber on a mangoletsi inlet onto my chevette. The air filter fouls the master cylinder reservoir. I don't want to run without a filter but I don't want to use a bias pedal box either.
Does anyone know of a conversion to remote reservoir's, other master cylinders that fit or magic spells that will help with my clearance issue?
Again apologies if this is an old subject but I've searched google to death to no avail.
Cheers guys

You could probably use a remote servo system like Rootes did in Sunbeam Alpines.  Some bracket fabrication and Hydraulic replumbing would be needed. You can get kits to do this but you will need to get a simple master cylinder to attach the pedal to as well.  If you work it out I would be interested to see it as I have similar clearance issues. -Scotty


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