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Hi, I've recently purchased a chevette and will be doing some modifications to it. Hoping you guys on here will be able to give me advice along the way!

Hello and  :Welcome: to  :cog: hopefully we’ll be able to help with advice.

 :Welcome: :cog:

Hello and  :Welcome: to the  :cog:. What Chevette have you bought, hatch, saloon, estate, vanne?? Post some pics up  8) If you become a paid member there is lots of advice on modifications of all various manners of upgrades and conversions. £5 a year membership so as David Dickinson says  "cheap as chips"

Hi, its a 1981 4dr saloon.14000 miles. Needs a little tidy up exterior wise. Not a bad car though. Looking forward to making it mine. Will post pics soon.


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