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Matt Griffiths:
I'm new to the group so thought I'd say hi, my name is Matt "Curly" Griffiths. My Chevette is a 1980 three door hatchback L, it's not what you'd call a "normal " Chevette. She's called "Golden Griffin" she's powered by a 7.5 litre Chevy big block v8 and is built around a space frame chassis.

Hi Matt,  :Welcome:  to the forum, Iím looking forward to seeing your Chevette at the NEC.

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
Wow! Welcome aboard, that's pretty special! Is that scratch built or one of the Vauxhall ones?

Nice to see you made the journey from facebook Pal! :D There was a v8 drag car build in the the blog somewhere if you have a look for it? :driving:

Matt Griffiths:
Hi Mad max it's a complete ground up build by myself.


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