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Steel torque tube

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I am considering trying to make a steel torque tube for my long term project, as I don't want to just buy one (even if I could find one for sale!)

The outside diameter I can work out from the rubber mounting thing, but does anyone know the correct ID / tube thickness?

What benefit do you expect from doing this?  I would have thought marginal at best. - Scotty

Hoping to benefit from it staying in one piece!

One of the two axles I have already shows signs of wear inside the alloy tube from excessive movement in the donut / body mount. Want to future proof the drive line as best I can for reasonable cost.

From what I can see, the ID of the steel tube is bigger than the alloy one. I have sleeved the drive shaft and subsequently there is less clearance to the inside of the tube.

Didn't realise you were going racing! Apologies for my comment - It is indeed important that the casing doesn't fracture as it is a rear axle torque and location link. - Scotty

I don't actually have an engine yet, but the 120 bhp-ish Ford cross flow engine and some enthusiastic autocrossing over a few years did a fair bit of damage without actually breaking the alloy tube.

Hoping to get a tuned XE and do some track days, or tarmac stage rallies.

If anyone has one they could measure I would be grateful.

It may be that its not cost effective to make one when there are a few German companies that sell them for 100 or so.


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