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Hi, no chevette as yet but looking . . .

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Hi I'm not really new, joined last year or something, but today I actually paid :)

Looking for a chevette i think, I have a viva that i'm slowly bringing back to life, but I've had loads of those, and only ever one chevette, it was more filler than metal but i dearly loved it until it finally fell apart :(

I'll be trawling ebay and the classifieds, and the for sale section on here until something catches my eye, in the meantime here's my viva

I'll probably be selling this to fund the hopefully imminent chevette purchase

Interesting Viva - looks like an estate. Quite rare now. Probably better than a Chevette really especially if it has a decent engine. 

Thankyou, yes it is an estate, 1256cc, 1972 SL model.

Hello and  :Welcome:  to the  :cog: nice estate, I had a few off these in the past. 👍🏻

Thanks, this is actually only the second HC estate i've owned, previously I've only had saloons, plus many many HB's including 3 estates, and a HA van :)


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