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Std 1256 Engine turns over but will not fire

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Hello Everyone,
I have rejoined the club (and paid lol) after a few years absence. No change of car just other priorities in life.
Each summer I start my garaged 1256 std Chevette and check all is working ok. This summer I cannot get her to fire.
The engine turns over with a charged battery and I have a spark across the HT leads to the spark plugs. (test on engine block)
I have petrol reaching the carb and each of the spark plugs. I am continually drying and refitting the plug ends which are wet & smell of pertol.
I have cleaned and set the spark plugs gap to 1mm, and the distributor points to 0.5mm.
With the distributor cap removed, I have a spark at the points and the rotor arm is moving anticlockwise when the engine is cranked over.
I have replaced the condenser and the coil.
Am I correct in saying the Timing chain is working ok, if the distributor shaft & rotor arm are rotating when I crank the engine?
I removed and cleaned the two earth strap straps one from the from the battery and the second from the engine block to the bodywork.
Any ideas why she will not fire?
Look forward to hearing from you
Cheers, Trev (Norfolk)

Stale fuel??

I agree with Ashley, stale fuel. I Would always try fresh fuel if the car is stood for more than a few months. Glad to have you back, did you remember your password in the end ?

Spark timing maybe? Leads on in the wrong order?  1342 is the order. Number 1 and 4 should  spark when crank pulley timing marks line up.

Gents, Thank you for your help.
I have checked the HT cables 1,3,4,2 sequence from engine to distributor are correct. Possibly the timing has moved. I could try a static timing check from Rotor arm pointing to No 1 with the timing marks aligned and a test lamp.
However the other recommendation Stale fuel! Interesting! This could be the answer!
You may smile at this, I still have under quarter full of 4 star petrol in the tank from filling up some 15 years ago. Interesting that she still started last year.
OK, where is the best place on the car to drain the fuel from?
And what fuel and additives do you recommend to use?
Note the engine has the original valves with no modifications.
Cheers, Trev


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