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Hello to the Chevette group. Not sure if I need to join really - just trying to see if there is any interest in my Uncle's 1980 4-door chevette - I cant keep it myself as I already have two classics and no room for another. I'd be happy to join if I need to in order to put in an advert or alternatively I can make a donation. I'm not keen on ebay because of the volume of timewasters on there. Anyway, just hoping I can find a good home for a two owner solid car under 15K miles with all history.
All the best

best to stick up a price and location mot condition ect people are always looking for a car pics are good too if you can.and yes ebay can be a pain in the ass

thanks, I'll sort out some photos and details asap

Hello, if you would like to advertise your car in the cars for sale section you need to be a member but it is only 5 for the year, might be a worthwhile investment and yes we do like photos on here.

Thanks Mick - I agree it is a good investment, for 5 I will join.


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