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opel monza blue:
Hello Bill I still can not open the forum page all the other pages i can access, any ideas , is it anything to do with the member ship fees
regards Peter


Paypal reports the 10 you paid on the 19th of July was reversed, i.e. cancelled yours or paypals end . Unfortunately the forum then marks you as "payment pending and drops member status.

There seems no mechanism to clear the payment pending status and re-submit the 5 membership.

Paypal changed their policy recently so we had to change from a personal to business account with them. This may of caused the reversal as they no longer let you have subscriptions on personal accounts.

I have manually renewed your subscription but i suspect the 10 you paid is back in your account and as it is i cannot find a way to get it to re-ask for 5.


opel monza blue:
Hello Bill thank you, i have checked my paypal a/c and i received a5 refund so hopefully all is ok now
regards Peter


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