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noisy wipers

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shedvette has been standing neglected for nearly 2 years and im slowley getting closer to mot day having got my wipers working on all speeds (poor contacts) but they are noisy as hell i have stripped half the dash/airvents away to grease all the moving parts on the linkage it still really noisy even lifting the wiper arms off the screen to reduce the drag its still the same any ideas anyone?

John PH:
Is that the "OIY OIY" sound that they make? My one's don't do that sound, can't say I wasn't dissapointed.

Without hearing it bit difficult but maybe dry bearings in the motor ? Have you lubricated the spindle's  ?  Maybe worth dropping the linkage of the motor and see if the linkage moves freely and or is the motor still noisy with it disconnected.

Most likely the spindles corroded and starting to seize up. Hard to lubricate but some squirty release or penetrating oil on the spindles might help to free them up. Once free lubricate properly with normal oil. - Scotty 

thanks for the info ill lube the spindles at the weekend if no better ill take the motor off


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