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Hello, from Brazil. Chevrolet Chevette

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Felipe Araujo:
Hello everyone.

I am from Brazil and I have a Chevrolet Chevette 74.
I am modifying the car to participate in classic races (old and classic cars).
See photos.

Taking advantage, if you have indications of brake system for the Chevette, in Brazil it is difficult to find performance parts for our car.

Thank you.

Love the engine - what is it? - Scotty

Felipe Araujo:

--- Quote from: scotty on Jun 09, 2017, 15:42:55 ---Love the engine - what is it? - Scotty

--- End quote ---

The OEm engine is 1.4 liters with carburetor.
I modified the engine, now it is 1.8 liters with electronic injection + 8 injector (80 lbs each one).
Here is a picture of the original engine.

nice :)

For brakes there are various options. I don;t know if you have the old volvo 240 over there but the 4 pot calipers will fit the UK chevette at least along with different brake discs.

The discs maybe the tricky part over there as I am not familiar with what GM models made it to Brazil

Others on here will have more info on brakes i suspect.

Rich Britton:
 :cog: :coolphotos:    Ola e bemvindos! Eu gusto do seu carro!! :driving:


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