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Hello guys, Iím new to the forum so I present myself.

Iím a Portuguese guy, 30 years old, who lives in Switzerland, Geneva.

So for the Chevette, I wanted to by a nice car to have in Portugal for my vacations. First time Iíve think of, the Chevette come into my mind. The reason, because Iím a men who loves cars and I chose them with my hearth not because there practicality or economic. I always love the look of this car, itís unusual andÖ it was my dadís first car.

So project was to find one on the next four years and bring it home for September 2021 for the 60nd anniversary of my Dad.
I tracked the one that my dad owned, but unfortunately is no long in the roadÖ an accident whit the last owner  :wallbang: Ö. So since it is a rare car in Portugal (never saw more than 3 for sale at the same time), from a few months now, Iím keeping an eye on the announces from the web trying to find one in a god shape and if possible the same colour.

One week ago I find one, Iíve already talk whit the owner and he is keeping it for me. Iím going to Portugal in the end of the month and if everythingís ok Iíll became a Chevetteís owner  :driving: .

Iím thinking on doing a few upgrades on it, like suspension, brakes, wheels and engine, thatís one of the reasons who took me here.

For the few ones who have readme until here, :thanks: and sorry for my English. As Iíve said, Iím a Portuguese who lives in a French speaking placeÖso...

Just let you guys some pics of me as a kid with my dadís chevette

Welcome aboard!  Good luck with your project. I have never seen a left hand drive Chevette. There is lots of info in the blogs here on various upgrades and modifications people have bone over the years.   - Scotty

Hello and  :Welcome: to :cog: I like the photos of you and your dads Chevette.

Rich Britton:
 :coolphotos: :cog:  Hello and welcome!! :driving:

Hello everyone,  ;D ;D ;D it's done, I'm now a Chevette's owner as my father once was  ;D ;D ;D

I put my hands on a nice 1979 1256cc Chevette. It's not in a bad shape but it needs some work, essentially on mechanical and electrics parts.

I've some questions concerning some upgrades, I'll try too write then at the proper place.

Now some pics to you guy's


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