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Jolting when releasing accelarator

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Hi, I just joined today.

I finally got my own chevette after 18 years!

I will try to attach some pics.

I have changed the rotar arm and cap, the plugs and leads and even the ignition coil.

She's had a fresh oil an filter change and a carb clean and diaphragm change.

I've had the grumpiest mechanic in inverness run his eye over it. Still she jolts back and forth when I ease of the gas. No issues when powering up both a difinate wobble when I release the peddle.

The previous owner replaced the mounts an I ordered a new accelerator cable today as the current one is a bit passed it's best and is possibly a bit sticky.

In liue of that correcting the issue, can anyone offer me further advice?

The fuel system is the next place to look I would imagine but I'm obviously looking to explore the cheaper, diy options first.

Evette the chevette

Evettes bum

Evettes rims

Jeff J:
Do you mean the whole car jolts or just the engine & gearbox, if it's the latter then have you checked in the gearbox rear mounting area for loose bolts etc.


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