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Manufacture Date.

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Chris B:
So is there any way of discovering the manufacture date of my Chevette? Is there any not so obvious date stamps on parts that I may of missed or a way of decoding it out of the VIN. Chris.

There are dates stamped on lots of the panels but these are when the panel concerned was pressed not the car assembly date. As far as I know unless you have the build sheet which would have come with the car when new there is no way of knowing exactly when it was built. All we have is the first registration date which in my case is over a year later than the dates stamped on my panels. This means I am still paying road tax until next April! - Scotty

Chris B:
Next April here as well Scotty, wings have been replaced over the years so those dates don't help. Just a little suprised there wasn't any date stamps on things like light clusters and internal trim pieces.

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
There are date stamps all over the car, you can often find one on the engine side of the bulkhead, you just need a good torch, the build sheet referred to by Scotty is also often found under the carpet in the car.

Chris B:
Thanks, build sheet won't be there any more, I've stripped the interior out a couple of times over the years, drying out damp footwells etc, so there's a strong chance it got binned.


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