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Back to black treatment, tip

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Gave the new (non GM) car a touch of Amy Winehouse treatment today....'back to black'

Hot air gun treatment is what most go for, however this makes the plastic more brittle.  Skoda plastic isn't the best to start with, so I decided to use another menthol.

Linseed oil.  Onto a rag and rub into the plastics.  What a transformation! 😎

Chris B:
Looking good, my product of choice is Poorboys natural look dressing, as it is more of a satin finish but I've heard peanut butter is does a good job as well, though I've never tried it. Nice to see someone else into Skodas.

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
Good effort Ash, amazing the difference little touches can make.

Looks good to me  8)  how often do you have to reapply it ?

Time will tell on that one @mick

Unlike the aerosol back to black products, linseed oil won't wash off.  As being an oil it is water repellent.


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