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Could someone recommend a good garage or someone to carry out a top end rebuild on my standard Chevy. Suspected inlet valve seal wear.

What would be a rough cost? Not sure but may be worthwhile doing the piston rings too if the head is off anyway.

Glasgow (Johnstone)


I cannot answer the question sadly as down south, however the valves are usually pretty resilient on these and i do 1-2000 miles a month in mine.

What i do find is the tappet clearances do close up on some valves over time, most likely due to unavoidable seat recession in hard driven pre-unleaded engines. Setting them a bit wide delays this issue , something like 13 thou or so (0.3 mm) .

@Mad Max A.K.A. Mal is / was nearer you so may know some local engine shops though if that is no help.


just re-read your message, you said valve seal :D , doh!

You may find a workshop with the kit that would mean they can change the valve stem seals without taking the head off.  i.e. able to compress the valve spring/hold the valve up via some means like an air bag through the plug hole or something.

would be a lot less hassle than having to take the head off. Although if the engine is old and the head gasket original then there is a good chance it will fail at some point anyway :(

Thanks Bill,

Scotty did mention the seals could be changed with the head in place but as I'm not certain the seals are the issue and following advice on here, I'm just going to take off the head, inspect it and go from there. I'll post up some pictures for yous knowledgeable guys to look at and advise once I have the head removed. If necessary I'll probably have a go at changing the seals myself.


Hi. Do you have a compression tester /borrow one? Would be a good starting point before getting involved. Also if burning oil, generally if accelerating and you see smoke this normally means rings if none seen but as the engine slows (still needs to be driven to see) and you get smoke that would indicate valve stem oul seals. Hope this helps.


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