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Are there any spare parts out there in the Chevette hemisphere for this old dog

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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find a drivers side headlight, or maybe just the lense, it fell out while driving the other day, I think the glue must have just gave up, I think it's quite common for this to happen...

I can't find any head lights anywhere..

Thanks for any help 👊🏼😳

scotty: are listing flush headlamps.  Give them a call!  - Scotty

Thanks Scotty, appreciate the help dude!!

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
I'd hang fire, - number of us have spare lenses, I know I have at least half a dozen, which doesn't help as I'm in Dubai and not back until April, but I'm sure someone will have one, and your right it was common back in 81/82 and the following years on the early cars, all of which ended up with a clip on the bottom of the headlight to stop it happening. If your on Facebook put a wanted ad on our Facebook page too.

John PH:
I thought that clip was down to a design flaw causing the lenses to fall out that Vauxhall couldn't figure out till later so they used a clip. I gave one of mine away (along with a lens from a heavily corroded headlamp) to Firehawk because I thought my new lamp was one where they sorted out the lens falling out problem.


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