Author Topic: Are there any spare parts out there in the Chevette hemisphere for this old dog  (Read 600 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find a drivers side headlight, or maybe just the lense, it fell out while driving the other day, I think the glue must have just gave up, I think it's quite common for this to happen...

I can't find any head lights anywhere..

Thanks for any help 👊🏼😳
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  • Posts: 1690 are listing flush headlamps.  Give them a call!  - Scotty

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Thanks Scotty, appreciate the help dude!!

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I'd hang fire, - number of us have spare lenses, I know I have at least half a dozen, which doesn't help as I'm in Dubai and not back until April, but I'm sure someone will have one, and your right it was common back in 81/82 and the following years on the early cars, all of which ended up with a clip on the bottom of the headlight to stop it happening. If your on Facebook put a wanted ad on our Facebook page too.
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I thought that clip was down to a design flaw causing the lenses to fall out that Vauxhall couldn't figure out till later so they used a clip. I gave one of mine away (along with a lens from a heavily corroded headlamp) to Firehawk because I thought my new lamp was one where they sorted out the lens falling out problem.

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I was told by the guy who designed the flush lights that they were always meant to have the little stainless clips on the bottom.  But at the time Vauxhall were in a rush to get the 'face lifted' cars onto the market so they didn't have time to finish deisgmeing and making them.  Hence the lenses then falling off and Vauxhall recalling the cars  ;)

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Thanks for all the help and feedback guys! :--)
I'm not in a rush for it really, I work away myself so could hang on until April Mad Max if you think you may have some kicking about...

Thanks again 👊🏼

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