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Chevette master cylinder

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Hello everybody and a happy new year to you all. I currently own a 1982 Chevette and it has a girling master cylinder on it that has unfortunately started leaking. I need a replacement but not fussed about it being new or used. Can anyone guide me in the right direction please. All the best. Sam

There are several on EBAY which claim to be Chevette compatible at about 40 or 60 with a reservoir.  I have bought a non reservoir one which looks OK  but not yet fitted it as my original is still OK. OR you might try Vauxhallgreenparts again on the net. Because of corrosion issues I am always a bit dubious of second hand hydraulic bits unless I have seen them working. - Scotty 

Thanks for the info Scotty. I'm been in contact with one of those sellers from France but they only seem interested in you buying one and checking yourself to see if it would fit. I asked for a photo of the actual part but they weren't bothered. Are there any of you lads near York? I'm interested in having a meet up when I get this back on the road. Thanks again

Ps Scotty can you send me a pic of the one you bought please. I'd like to see if that would work on mine. Also I've spoke to 2 places about a used one but they are wanting more than what a new one would be.

Hi Sam,

Me and Ste ( @henry ) are in Middlesbrough.

Google pastparts.  They will be able to insert a stainless steel sleeve into your current master cylinder, and rebuild it.

Alternatively I'm pretty sure I have a used one sat in the cupboard doing, obviously being abused part I can't guarantee it's any good.  But it was working when removed.


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