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Hello, No Chevette.... just yet....

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Hi guys,
I've recently joined the forum as a member. I wanted to say hello. It's a great place for info and updates on other chevettes (projects) in the U.K.

I don't have a chevette, however on the search for one currently. I would prefer a hatch or a saloon, not fussy. Something that's got good / half decent bodywork is my priority. I stay in central Scotland, but more than happy to travel, so if you know any for sale, please let me know. Back about 30 years ago my dad had a yellow 1.3 hatch, he loved it but I do remember him resetting the points weekly and keeping the rot at bay haha.

Anyway. Hello and cya about on the COG forum.

Welcome along  :Welcome:

Hope you find what your looking for soon :cog:

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
Welcome aboard, keep an eye on the usual suspects, eBay, gumtree, done deal etc and something should turn up.

Thanks for the welcome guys. The market won't be great for cars just now, I will likely need to wait afew months before anything comes up.

welcome keep looking one will turn up


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