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Hello, Another Chevette from Orkney!

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Hi, just saying hello, I signed up a while back, but haven't been on for a good while. The long awaited collection of my 75 Chevette L will be hapening on Tuesday. yay!

Bog standard dark blue P reg Chevette. Registered in Orkney on 1st August 1975 and been here since. 50,000 miles.

Wow. Mines a P reg. and it's March 1976 .

Rich Britton:
 :coolphotos:  Welcome!   Nice to see such old chevy's!!

Mad Max A.K.A. Mal:
Nice one, always good to see one that's stayed in the same area from new

Thanks guys!  Hi Bourbon, your car looks good in green, is it lowered about 60mm?


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