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Forum and site tweaks
« on: Apr 19, 2015, 14:52:50 »

I have been poking about the forum and have tried the following changes, comments welcomed.

1 - the forum/site was hard set to 1024 pixels wide. this was probably great back when we were using 1024 x 768 tube monitors but is a bit dated now.  The site used to look super small on a modern high res screen and you needed to use the browser zoom to make it fill the screen.

If you did use it on a smaller screen than 1024 then you had to scroll to see all the page.

So i have now set it to use the width of your window, it will adjust as you resize to fit the window it is in too.

It has messed up the banner at the top as it is not page size change aware.. yet ..  working on it

2 - the main front page has some now rather ageing static  pictures on it, i propose to change this for an image scroller so lots of images can be added to it, including some more current ones that reflect cars, blogs, meets etc.

Web coding / hacking other peoples web code is oddly enough not my strong point so it will take a while to implement this, however I do have the scroller code working and an example is here http:www.chevetteownersgroup.couk/scroller2.html  , albeit with a single image.

3 - There is a new icon at the top of message posts. this is the Black Liney thing that is somehow meant to look like a paper clip :D

When you go to upload pictures to a message via the uploader (not via a web link) the images will be numbered from 1 to x where x is how many pictures you have added.  if you click on the liney icon above it will put this > [ attachment= ] [ /attachment ] into the message where your cursor is . Just like using a web picture link.

If you put a 1 after the = sign then when you submit the post , the first picture will be inserted into the message in this position. It will also then be removed from the end of the message where it defaults to.

Use 2 for picture 2 etc..

Any pictures you attach that you do not use this button on will remain at the bottom of the message as usual.

I have attached two pictures to this message, one is added inline using the button, the other left as default.

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