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Businesses you love or love to hate

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A few years back I gave this bloke (don't know if I should mention names), a sill to weld to my chevette.  He kept the sill (bought new and unused).  He then cataloyd the sill which subsquently caught fire burning the carpet.  Total cowboy. >:(

that is not good, you lost a sill and a carpet :(

a prev owner of one of my cars stuck a new sill.. over the top of the old one.. sigh... on both sides :(


The only answer is to either do it yourself or stand over the "tradesman" while he does it. This doesn't just apply to cars but to building and plumbing work too.   If you are not happy don't pay!  Sorry - getting very cynical in my old age and dismayed by the lack of basic technical knowledge in many allegedly skilled people. - Rant over - Scotty

too true Scotty..

the Rant is far from over :) , i put Custards tracking back right this week after the garage that supplied the tyres allegedly tracked it.

it pulled to the left , now it doesn't.. i put the tracking back where it was , which was easy enough to do as when they adjusted it they didn't untwist the boot so all i needed to do is re-adjust until the boot was straight again.  voila, no longer wants to go into the ditch and the steering is notably lighter ..

I did buy some of those simple mirror/laser tracking thingies but couldn't use it as it had been damaged in transit :( , won't be difficult to fix but didn't have the kit there to fix it with (broken switch).

seems the key is to do everything yourself so you know it will be done right, or if not then you know who to blame at least :)


reading about the grief some people have had with so called trademan out there, i am only pleased that i served my apprenticeship as a coppersmith, and as such i am classed as a CRAFTSMAN lmao, i wont let any one put a spanner or welding torch any where near my daughters car, having seen the work done in previous years by so called vehicle welders


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