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Businesses you love or love to hate

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John Delahaye:
Okay, inspired by a recent experience with a local business who were less than useful I thought it was time for a thread on businesses you have dealt with that you would like to give the thumbs up or the middle finger up to.

I'll start with A1 Vauxhall near Chippenham in Wiltshire. Admittedly this isn't for Chevette parts but you could be tempted to ring them if you are running a different engine etc.

I contacted them first off on a Saturday morning as they were the only place still open and enquired about a cam and a crank sensor for a 2.0l ecotec. They had them in stock 2nd hand priced at about 25 a piece. I bought them only to find out the cam sensor didn't fit. I returned it to be told it was for a cavalier, but I have a different loom. They can give me a piece of loom to solder on instead! I wasn't allowed a refund and they didn't have any sensors that fitted my loom. I also asked them to check the sensor as it wasn't giving me any reading on my multimeter. 3 phone calls later and they still hadn't checked it. I gave up and bought a sensor from Vauxhall. Also found out the other day that the crank sensor doesn't fit either. Customer service left a lot to be desired tbh ::)

graham j:
I own a garage, i had to get a crank sensor for a customers Chrysler Voyager the other week. I rang 4 dealerships in the southwest, nobody had one,was told a special order!! i had to wait 7 days and it cost 60 odd quid.
A necessary evil!!!!   ::)

I bought a new cam sensor for my 2.0 vectra from the main dealer and had to buy a new connector and solder it to my loom as Vauxhall modified the sensors and they dont plug into the original plug! >:(I always use Brandish in Coventry as they are really helpful.The local dealer half a mile away from me in Bedworth are useless and dont want to know.They couldnt even be bothered to sell my brother a brand new corsa a few years ago so he went elsewhere,then had a phone call later asking why he'd used another branch of theirs in Hinckley.

I just thought that I would pass on my experience with T J Motorsport. I ordered someparts through T J Motorsport which proved to be sub-standard when they arrived (delivered directly from the manufacturer). I have found T J Motorsport to be very good with regard to their attitude towards customer support, their active approach in checking back with me during the time its taken to sort this out and their relentless cajouling of the manufacturer. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

rally design....really good and cheapish compared to some places
deamon thevies....pretty good but usually pricey
peter lloyd rallying....helpful but not the cheapest
TJM....often not the cheapest but defo one of the most helpful


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