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Welcome aboard! / Re: Hello, No Chevette.... just yet....
« Last post by Bill on Aug 15, 2017, 21:40:37 »

if you type the @ symbol and start typing a username you can select the other persons name and it will notify him of your tag :)

e.g. @Broos3

hope that is of use


General Discussion / Re: What the best carb to use
« Last post by Bill on Aug 15, 2017, 17:44:56 »
those filters i have seen used.  you may also be able to get a standard K&N filter for the original filter box. it may give you better flow than that one and you retain the breather setup.

They are reusable/washable etc..  the oil vapour from the rocker is convenient at re-oiling cleaned filters too :D

look out on ebay as k&n have stopped making them

General Discussion / Re: Jolting when releasing accelarator
« Last post by Bill on Aug 15, 2017, 17:40:46 »
yep landrover gearbox mounts fit too and inside the cups , notably harsher though!

Welcome aboard! / Re: I'm going to be a problem
« Last post by Bill on Aug 15, 2017, 15:41:41 »
hi and welcome too :)

Your forum profile says Leicester and not sure off the top of my head who is close to you.

The haynes manual is a good bet, if you fancy going the full monty then occasionally you may find workshop manuals come up on ebay . these are the real deal and where the haynes people pinched bits from basically.

As mentioned the single most useful mod that is not complex or expensive is to replace the points with an accuspark module.  this is a drop in replacement and means no more annoying point gap / damp-dirty points/ burnt points / condensor problems.

I do a lot of miles in mine and these things are faultless.

There are two different types , the later distributor (orange cap) needs the K24 kit from accuspark which the age of your car implies this is the one you have.  you will need to check/reset the timing once fitted.

The chevette engine and transmissions is very simple stuff compared to the modern malarky and ideal to learn about maintenance on too.

Basic tools that are useful are an imperial socket/spanner set (the engine is imperial, the bodywork is metric) and some metric .  A timing strobe , accuspark and others sell these and the modest cost would be easily justified by not having to get a garage to check/set your timing i suspect.

If you can still find one, a chevette K&N air filter element is a good long term investment. Apparently K&N have stopped making them so ebay is your best bet.  these are re-usable and will give a notable improvement in top end go over the paper ones.

Oil filters are getting harder to find , a useful but not essential option there is to go to

Website and order a chevette spin on oil filter conversion kit.  this allows you to use the many off the shelf screw on filters from halfords etc..

It is straight forward to fit, just remember to put the O rings in the right places.

Finally use a quality oil , these old engines aren't the best for breathing etc.. so old or cheap oils will tend to clog em up. some use halfords classic, others may use fancy oils including synthetic but there are some caveats to consider there.

There are plenty more things i am sure but this is a useful start :) , sign up for the club, it is 5 a year and the benefits are many, including the parts of the forum with many years of build blogs and maintenance stuff.



General Discussion / Re: chevette sale??
« Last post by mick on Aug 14, 2017, 21:41:02 »
Hi there, if you want to advertise your Chevette in the car's for sale section of the forum you have to be a COG member, only a fiver for the year. Might be a worthwhile investment either if you want to sell or keep the car. Hope this helps.
General Discussion / chevette sale??
« Last post by Studpony84 on Aug 14, 2017, 21:02:33 »
Hi, Am I permitted to advertise the sale of my 4 door chevette saloon on here?

Haven't decided for sure yet but it's a possibility.

General Discussion / opel gt rear axle
« Last post by a1kaos on Aug 12, 2017, 19:17:06 »
Hi guys, any information about opel gt rear axle width compare to chevette and manta b axle?
thanks, just bought an HS and was looking for an exhaust manifold

Graham Kerr is probably the most useful on here for that ( @rlf444w ) or the which specialises in these cars. Also worth trying Tim at TJ Motorsport.
Welcome aboard! / Re: I'm going to be a problem
« Last post by Mad Max A.K.A. Mal on Aug 12, 2017, 16:21:17 »
Welcome aboard, fellow Chevette aficionados are never a problem, and are usually more than happy to help out fellow members. First things first where abouts in the country are you as potentially there could be other Chevette fiends on your doorstep, which is always useful. Generally given the age of the cars there are some things that become looser over time, and especially when compared to modern cars. Suspension can be improved easily by upgrading to gas shocks, as Parko said a Haynes Manual is a godsend as they are very simply put together, and as Richard said things like electronic ignition make them more reliable as you then do away with things like the points. It really depends how far in terms of improvement you want to go, power steering from a modern car ( Corsa/Meriva) can be added but it's not a straightforward swap, lighting can be improved, seat cushions can be replaced etc etc. Tim at TJ Motorsport ( @TJM ) is very knowledgeable and very useful as a supplier of springs , shock absorbers , bushes etc. And other bits and pieces such as exhausts can be sourced through members on here.
Welcome aboard! / Re: Hello from Kent
« Last post by mick on Aug 11, 2017, 15:02:51 »
Welcome to the club, good luck with selling the Chevette. 👍🏻
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