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Title: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Early Doors on May 10, 2017, 19:28:24
Hi there,
I've never posted on a forum and don't really know the conventions... I've been the proud owner of two Chevettes (currently just one) and only a little mechanical knowledge so I can envisage not getting it right for a while.

I do have a long standing love of the Chevette and would like to make my current one an absolute beauty in the fullness of time.  I would really appreciate some help and advice about all matters Chevette and find out some long acquired knowledge from fellow enthusiasts.  I currently pick the brains of a more mature engineer at my place of work about distributors, manifolds, carburetors and the like, and have two very accommodating mechanics that deal with my wife's modern car (both very sympathetic to working on a classic Chevette).  I would still love to be more independent and work on my own car a bit more.  I have a 1983 Saloon which I absolutely love.  It is fully running but has the odd issue now and again which I would like to be more knowledgeable about.  I would also appreciate any advice about spare parts and sensible modifications. I am not a boy racer and dont want to pimp my ride but I would like to make some sensible adjustments to the car to make it a better ride. 

All and any suggestions welcome
Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Rich Britton on May 11, 2017, 14:41:09
 :Welcome:  Welcome aboard!

   You could start with electronic ignition and an electric fan both may give a power increase and you could take the interior out and line the floor and under the rear seat with sound deading insulation to make the car a bit quieter!

  I still haven't got round to doing any of these things yet!!! But I will one day!! have a good read of the blogs and I'm sure you will be inspired!!  :blues:
Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: parko on Aug 09, 2017, 22:21:18
first thing to do is buy a haynes manual then ask on here if you ever get stuck
Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Mad Max A.K.A. Mal on Aug 12, 2017, 16:21:17
Welcome aboard, fellow Chevette aficionados are never a problem, and are usually more than happy to help out fellow members. First things first where abouts in the country are you as potentially there could be other Chevette fiends on your doorstep, which is always useful. Generally given the age of the cars there are some things that become looser over time, and especially when compared to modern cars. Suspension can be improved easily by upgrading to gas shocks, as Parko said a Haynes Manual is a godsend as they are very simply put together, and as Richard said things like electronic ignition make them more reliable as you then do away with things like the points. It really depends how far in terms of improvement you want to go, power steering from a modern car ( Corsa/Meriva) can be added but it's not a straightforward swap, lighting can be improved, seat cushions can be replaced etc etc. Tim at TJ Motorsport ( @TJM ) is very knowledgeable and very useful as a supplier of springs , shock absorbers , bushes etc. And other bits and pieces such as exhausts can be sourced through members on here.
Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Bill on Aug 15, 2017, 15:41:41
hi and welcome too :)

Your forum profile says Leicester and not sure off the top of my head who is close to you.

The haynes manual is a good bet, if you fancy going the full monty then occasionally you may find workshop manuals come up on ebay . these are the real deal and where the haynes people pinched bits from basically.

As mentioned the single most useful mod that is not complex or expensive is to replace the points with an accuspark module.  this is a drop in replacement and means no more annoying point gap / damp-dirty points/ burnt points / condensor problems.

I do a lot of miles in mine and these things are faultless.

There are two different types , the later distributor (orange cap) needs the K24 kit from accuspark which the age of your car implies this is the one you have.  you will need to check/reset the timing once fitted.

The chevette engine and transmissions is very simple stuff compared to the modern malarky and ideal to learn about maintenance on too.

Basic tools that are useful are an imperial socket/spanner set (the engine is imperial, the bodywork is metric) and some metric .  A timing strobe , accuspark and others sell these and the modest cost would be easily justified by not having to get a garage to check/set your timing i suspect.

If you can still find one, a chevette K&N air filter element is a good long term investment. Apparently K&N have stopped making them so ebay is your best bet.  these are re-usable and will give a notable improvement in top end go over the paper ones.

Oil filters are getting harder to find , a useful but not essential option there is to go to

Website and order a chevette spin on oil filter conversion kit.  this allows you to use the many off the shelf screw on filters from halfords etc..

It is straight forward to fit, just remember to put the O rings in the right places.

Finally use a quality oil , these old engines aren't the best for breathing etc.. so old or cheap oils will tend to clog em up. some use halfords classic, others may use fancy oils including synthetic but there are some caveats to consider there.

There are plenty more things i am sure but this is a useful start :) , sign up for the club, it is 5 a year and the benefits are many, including the parts of the forum with many years of build blogs and maintenance stuff.



Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Early Doors on Dec 03, 2017, 03:37:40
Many thanks for the replies.  I'm not a regular social media or email type of person and have been genuinely surprised people responded.  My Chevette has had major work to the engine... a new aluminium radiator and fan fitted (which took a while to source, fit and then get a temperature gauge fitted) then had an MOT which took longer than one would expect... body work... so while it has been off road all this time, I have not really checked this site. 

The advice was appreciated.  I have two Haynes manuals (one for home and one for the car).  The electric fan came with the new radiator and electronic ignition is coming as a Christmas present. 

I have ventured out and done a few jobs myself but I am very aware that the only things I've done are just one up from playing around with a Mechano set.  I'm looking to pay a local car enthusiast or mechanic to teach me some of the basics and work up from there.

I've read many of the posts on this website and found it very encouraging.  I had thought my basic level enquiries might be deemed too mundane for serious enthusiasts so thanks again with the responses.  I'm going to become a fully paid up member of the group and really would welcome any advice back. 

Thanks again,
Title: Re: I'm going to be a problem
Post by: Bill on Dec 11, 2017, 18:49:01

If you sign up for full membership , only 5 a year, then you can scour the many years of history on the full forum here.  There are plenty of blogs with details and pictures of many maintenance stuff covering all elements of chevette and modifications too.

To be honest the chevette is a big mechano set as a lot of bits bolt on. an imperial spanner and socket set for the engine is very useful to own and some metric ones for the bodywork side too .

The haynes manual is very useful to pick up a lot of useful info too.